Who we are
We are well positioned to be high performing investment holding company driven to create value for funders, shareholders and business partners.
Group at a glance

CITITRUST HOLDINGS PLC vision is to be one of the leading Investment holding company in Africa. With operations in 11 African countries, this milestone has been achieved by successfully increasing our markets, businesses, customers and shareholders’ equity from time to time. With our workforce playing a pivotal role in placing the company at a high standard.

Our Core Values


We understand and feel the needs of all stakeholders because we work together to achieve a common goal and we strive harder to meet their expectations.


We have confidence that we will provide the best services at all times in all ways.


We carry out all business in a strict, and in compliance with the best practices in the word. We never compromise in our dealings with all stakeholders.


We treat our customers like Royalty and continually upgrade our Customer Experience to First-Class. At CITITRUST, we recognize that Customers are Partners and incessantly invent ways of raising the class and elegance of service.

To be a diversified growth oriented investment vehicle for wealth creation.


Our mission is to aggressively grow value by creatively pursuing investment opportunities that generates superior return. We constantly aim to exceed our stakeholder expectations, whilst continuously celebrate individuals and teamwork. Retaining our workforce and building a competitive edge through sustainable innovation is essential for us.


We believe that Africa, will continue to provide excellent investment opportunities going forward. We seek opportunities to build and invest in wholly, majority stakes or significant minority stakes in leading African companies.​ We are value-added investors who are prepared to work closely with management teams and play an active role in assisting our portfolio companies to reach their full potential. We are also prepared to back proven management teams to buy out businesses or to significantly expand their companies via a “buy and build” strategy. While we always drive our subsidiaries to “play the game better”, we often aim to “change the game” via helping our companies with acquisitions, new product development, expanded business strategies, and accessing new sources of capital. In all we took active and controlling role in subsidiaries Finance, Legal, Compliance, Risk Management, and Human Resources.

Our milestone

Our successes are driven by an experienced team, our own capital, a disciplined investment process, and broad business networks. Passionate about partnerships, we will commit for the long term and actively work with our portfolio companies to build great businesses.

Our History
CITITRUST HOLDINGS PLC's experience in Africa dates back to 2007 with the establishment of CITITRUST FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED, a Financial Services Holding Company based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Included in the management team are tested and proven team leaders, managers, risk managers, award winners from reputable local and international organizations